Woj on Westbrook’s refusal to let the Thunder go away easily.

Adrian Wojnarowski will move to ESPN before the draft, reports Recode.

Do the Jazz and Warriors have beef? Well, of course! Some Reebok Cheap Jerseys Warriors said they were rooting for the Clippers because Salt Lake City is really boring and Los Angeles is not. Look. When the other team is so confident they are complaining about the nightlife in your city, that is #disrespect. (Shout out to Joe Ingles for offering to get the Warriors a bus to Las Vegas. He either knows the struggle or is very cheeky. Possibly both.)

Lucas Hann at Clips Nation predicts what’s next for the cursed team. The price to keep the Clippers together: something like $300 million. YIKES. Here’s hotstepper Zito Madu on the front offices that have failed Chris Paul.

Woj on Westbrook’s refusal to let the Thunder go away easily.

How did the Celtics’ self-rescue mission in Chicago go? It went how many of us thought the series would go! The Bulls struggled to score, the Celtics got shooting they needed and controlled the pace, and won running away. Of course, Rajon Rondo was out and Jimmy Butler had his worst game in months, so we’ll see how the series turns from here.

We have a new meme! It’s James Harden’s press conference grimace face. It’s like the face you make when you go to make coffee at 4 a.m., and then you realize you forgot to buy coffee.

The Dream Shake, who has been tracking MVP votes all month, has called the race for Russell Westbrook.

The dominance culminated in the 3rd period, when Roman Josi scored the 3rd goal of the game following nearly two minutes of offensive zone possession by the Preds. The Blues looked absolutely gassed after multiple lines cycled the puck around the outside of the Blues’ zone, with guys like Austin Watson, Harry Zolnierczyk, Ryan Ellis, P.K. Subban, and Mike Fisher all making smart, smart passes to keep the cycle going. Colton Sissons finally found Josi at the top of the zone, who fired a shot by Allen that he never saw thanks to a screen by Zolnierczyk.

Wow. Incredible shift there. Josi scores to make it 3-1 after about 45 mins in the OZ.

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