What my NFL crystal ball says about Sam Bradford and six other QBs、

Ryan Fitzpatrick
If anyone should be paying attention to the Bradford situation, it’s Fitzpatrick, who has already worn out his welcome in many of the places you could make the case still could possibly use a quarterback. He’s drawn zero interest from the others.

I checked in on this situation and literally nothing has changed between Fitzpatrick and the Jets. Status quo. Stalemate.

And now, with the market even less robust after being flooded by all the cheap rookie arms that were just drafted, well, it’s time for Fitzpatrick to take what the Jets have on the table.

The issue remains to be the second and third years of the deal, where the Jets are hesitant to guarantee much. And, frankly, they hold all the cards and always have.

Fitzpatrick’s friends around the league aren’t buying the fact that he might retire. They know he loves playing for offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, and it’s beyond time he tells agent Jimmy Sexton to work out the best one-year they can and sign.

Get $10 million for one year and gamble on yourself. It’s the perfect team and the perfect system and you had too much fun last year to walk away now.

My crystal ball says: Fitzpatrick will be with Gang Green before too long, even if it’s not for as much green as he would like.

Colin Kaepernick
This guy is stuck. Things have gotten too bad between him and the 49ers to be the starter there, and Chip Kelly’s fascination is with Blaine Gabbert and not Kaepernick for now.

I doubt that really changes.

Kaepernick is getting healthy enough to the point where he would merit some reps, but if the upper management of the team really wants him gone (they have and still do), and he has no real future there (he doesn’t), then how many reps would you really swing his way at the expense of the real grand experiment going on there, Gabbert? They’d like to rehabilitate Gabbert into an NFL quarterback.

Trading QBs is tricky, as they generally need significant time to learn a system and integrate themselves into the scheme before being ready to play. But I still don’t rule out someone grabbing this kid if they lose a starter during OTAs or early in the preseason.

My crystal ball says: Kaepernick will keep a very low profile, saying all the right things when he does actually have to talk, keeping to himself and saying his prayers that he gets a chance to get the heck out of Santa Clara. And I see that happening, just not for a few more months. I don’t see is him getting any meaningful time with the 49ers unless Gabbert gets hurt.

Paxton Lynch
This is John Elway’s guy. Mark Sanchez was always just a guy, as there had to be some nominal veteran atop the depth chart. He was always just a place-holder as Elway chased Kaepernick and others, but there was never a real commitment to that concept of 2016 being about Sanchez. It won’t take much for Lynch to leap ahead of Sanchez. Gary Kubiak knows how to baby a quarterback and in the meantime, play into Lynch’s athleticism and what he does best. Coming off a Super Bowl and with this defense, I have a hard time seeing Elway stomaching losing games with a limited Sanchez at the helm — throwing interceptions all over the place.

The Broncos might as well get those learning pains out of the way for Lynch, who could operate in the functional way Osweiler did. If not by Week 1, then certainly in plenty of time for the postseason.

My crystal ball says: It’s Lynch in the opening game.

Cody Kessler
The Browns will get a chance to back up their words about this quarterback project. With the team they have assembled — or the overall lack thereof — Kessler will play this season at some point. Possibly sooner rather than later.

With Robert Griffin III at quarterback, injury is almost inevitable, especially given the state of this offensive line. By the middle of the season Josh McCown will be starting games for this team — assuming he is still there.

Truth is, if executive VP of football operations Sashi Brown and coach Hue Jackson feel half as strongly about Kessler’s ability to prove the entire rest of the league wrong and perform better than the 7th-round grade or UDFA-grade several teams had on him, then no sense carrying two veteran QBs on a team that will compete for the first-overall pick again in 2017.

Judging from his actions during the past two offseasons, Danny Amendola would prefer to remain in New England and catch passes from Tom Brady than make more money in another location. For the second straight year, Amendola has reportedly restructured his contract.

Fox Sports’ Mike Garafolo first reported Amendola’s new contract, providing the financial details of the new deal:

Danny Amendola restructured contract to stay w/ Patriots, source says. Two years, $7.35m with $750k more in roster bonuses/catch incentives.

“I haven’t really talked to him, but word on the street, from guys that have, is that he’ll be back pretty quick and be ready for OTAs,” Johnson told 97.5 The Fanatic. “Yeah, I expect him to be back, either this week or probably next week — that’s the word on the street, anyway.”

OTAs officially begin on May 17 with mandatory minicamp taking place in early June.

Bradford’s absence from the team stems from the Eagles’ decision to trade up to draft Carson Wentz with the second pick in the draft. Just a couple months ago, Bradford signed a two-year deal to remain as the Eagles’ starting quarterback, but he took issue with the arrival of Wentz. Since then, he’s stayed away from the team.

He’s also stayed silent, with his agent, Tom Condon, handling the talking. According to Condon, Bradford wants the chance to be the long-term starter for a team. Condon also doesn’t believe a competition between Bradford and Wentz would be fair.

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