Week 7 NFL picks against spread: Steelers stave off Bengals; Saints leap past Packers

Week 6 was filled with upsets, as many big underdogs came through, even on the road. Given the way the 2017 NFL season is going, the unpredictability is here to stay.

The one position where the Broncos have depth is running back, with veteran Jamaal Charles and second-year man Devontae Booker behind Anderson. But Charles and Booker are more scatback types for passing downs, and only Anderson looks capable of both pounding the ball between the tackles and sliding out on the edge as a receiver.

McCoy, like Adam Gase when he was in Denver, thrives on being versatile and multiple. Neither is true of the Broncos’ current personnel. When Lynch is healthy enough to play, he could offer a little wrinkle with potential zone-read plays. But that’s about the only thing he could provide as a plus over Siemian, and that doesn’t factor in all the further passing issues he would have.

So, you don’t have to skip the entire schedule and save your energy for Falcons-Patriots on Sunday night, but you’d be forgiven if you did. To make things even spicier, both teams are staggering a little bit, more than they expected at this point. The loser will be leaning further toward crisis than they were before.

It takes time for the line to develop the chemistry it needs after NHL Jerseys China offseason changes. The play has been inconsistent this year as a result. That wasn’t the case on Sunday. On Elliott’s second touchdown, Cooper and Collins in particular – as well as tight end Jason Witten – blocked aggressively to create a clear lane for Elliott right up the middle.

While the bulk of the yards on the ground came from Elliott, blocking Raiders Cheap Jerseys helped the run game as a whole absolutely kill it against the Niners. The team ended up with 265 yards total on the ground.

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