They’re doing their best to keep the defensive mindset and success Gus Bradley put in place.

Go watch “The Drive” again. Could anybody groove it quite like Elway could? He won two Super Bowls, one MVP and threw 300 TDs. There might not be a more talented, all-around athlete to play the position.

Unitas threw for 290 TDs, more than any other Hall of Fame quarterback who started his career in the 1940s or ’50s. He’s the godfather of the modern-day quarterback, and the 10-time Pro Bowler won three MVPs and three championships.

This ranking could change once Peyton Manning and Tom Brady arrive in Canton, but for the time being, the Hall belongs to “Joe Cool.” He was an eight-time Pro Bowl selection, four-time Super Bowl winner and three-time Super Bowl MVP. If you have to win one game, would you take any other quarterback?

That’s much more of a given than what will be Blake Bortles’ response under Bradley’s in-house replacement, Doug Marrone.

Kirk Cousins is getting a ton more money from the Redskins, but with all the focus on that in the short term, they are adapting to some big changes around him and still Design Cheap Jerseys have some real defensive deficiencies. His likely last season in Washington will be better for him Find Cheap Jerseys than the team.

New coach Sean McVay can’t be expected to save the day in L.A. right away, because Jared Goff showed last season that he’s far from a finished product. As McVay works on fixing Goff and Todd Gurley with an upgraded offensive line, the Rams will hope Wade Phillips can get the defense to keep them in more games.

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