The Bucs haven’t been limited by cap issues since the early 2000s

The Jags are making the playoffs if Blake Bortles transforms into Alex Smith and becomes incredibly efficient while cutting his interception total in half. Leonard Fournette should be averaging about 4.5 yards per carry. Dante Fowler needs to learn how to consistently rush the passer from the edge, Paul Posluszny needs to (somehow) get faster in pass protection, and all the new defenders need to jell perfectly with absolutely no bumps in the road.

The Jaguars are in a heap of trouble if the run game fails under the crushing weight of a poorly constructed offensive line and no running back depth behind Fournette. If Bortles is still throwing 35-40 passes a game and he’s leading the league in pick-sixes, that wouldn’t help either. And if the secondary is still hampered by poor safety play, this could be a long season.

The Atlanta Falcons, because they’re the best team not named the Bucs in the NFC South — and because the Bucs stole half their coaching staff and part of their roster from Atlanta. They’re the team to beat in the division right now, and that makes them the Bucs’ biggest rival.

Chili: delicious, layered, and full of potential if done right, but a potential disaster in the making, too.

Manage the salary cap. The Bucs haven’t been Cheap Lebron Jerseys limited by cap issues since the early 2000s, and that hasn’t been for a lack of spending. The team does not hand out big signing bonuses, instead simply paying players more in salary per season rather than upfront — and that Cheap Kids NBA Jerseys makes managing all of those contracts and cutting disappointing players a lot easier.

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