Spurs coach Gregg Popovich leaves generous tip at Memphis bar

His father was a Lakers fan and remembers that Magic always had a winning way about him. He made it a point to get the ball to the Lakers’ shooters and scorers. He took care of them, smiling all the way to five titles, and they loved being on the same team with their Hall of Fame playmaker. But Cheap Eagles Jerseys Johnson never encountered someone like George, who can make life difficult for point guards with such differing personalities as Hill or his current teammate, Jeff Teague.

Morris scored some points on nostalgia alone, pulling out a grade-school insult when he referred to Millsap as a crybaby after the Hawks forward griped about the Wizards playing, MMA early in the series. (Note: Morris also called Millsap out his name , following a free-throw attempt during a game in Washington.)

If Johnson ends up going all-in on George, he’ll have to hope that his point guard is mentally strong enough to hear from George whenever he doesn’t touch the ball. He doesn’t have the championships or playoff resume that another demanding scorer, Kobe Bryant, had when he had to deal with Russell and the other Laker kids.

Yes, Magic Johnson does need a star — he’s just not going to find the answer in Indianapolis.

The Spurs took a disappointing trip to Memphis last week, but that didn’t affect Greg Popovich’s generosity.

According to a post by an NBA Reddit user, the Spurs coach left his server a $5,000 tip on an $815.73 bill at a Memphis restaurant.

The Spurs lost both road games at Memphis but took a 3-2 series lead over Cheap Elite NFL Jerseys the Grizzlies with a victory in San Antonio on Tuesday.

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