Seahawks’ Brandon Marshall will have a good chance at joining the 1,000-catch club

The Seahawks have signed wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and with another season in the NFL, the longtime veteran has a chance to join some elite company.

Marshall currently has 959 career catches, putting him just 41 away from 1,000 catches in his career. Marshall is second among active players; only Larry Fitzgerald, with 1,234 catches, has more.

The pro-football establishment… has done far more than Kaepernick to turn the sport into a political spectacle

The singing of the national anthem once was a simple Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys exercise in patriotism, one of those little civic ceremonies that play the same role in a republic that royal pomp plays in a monarchy. And it was a fine thing to see President George W. Bush throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium in October 2001. President Bush had many defects, but he was aces as a presidential pitcher.

Those post-9/11 moments quickly mutated and evolved into the current bizarre display of uniform fetishism (mainly military uniforms, but also police uniforms), fighter-jet flyovers and the paid patriotism theater in which sports franchises charged the Pentagon millions of dollars to participate in public-relations gimmicks such as surprise homecomings for military personnel.

New coach Frank Reich had high praise for Brissett, who could end up being the starter again, if Andrew Luck can’t get healthy.

“I’m really impressed with Jacoby,” Reich said recently, via Holder. “First from an intangible standpoint, [he has] great character, great leadership, mentally is on top of it, really a good passer, and really a good decision maker. . . . Obviously, he had a lot of great experience last year. Jacoby played a lot of good football last year so I’m really glad he is here.”

The Colts resisted opportunities to trade Brissett in the offseason, and for good reason. They may need him. Even if Luck is able to play as of Week One, he could get injured again at any time.

I wouldn’t pay him another penny without a written guarantee that he cease acting like a selfish, childish, team-undermining, transparently attention-starved jerk — off the field, too.

That Beckham’s churlish, coarse and excessive me-first conduct has brought him many paid TV endorsements and, of course, a Nike deal — one that will pay him millions, a record for NFL players — tells us why team sports now turn good kids into creeps.

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