Saquon Barkley could be an elite NFL player

It’s possible that the market could have overcorrected and might undervalue backs, but there isn’t much evidence of that.

Even if Gettleman is planning on building the Giants around running the football and stopping the run, that would seem to make an even stronger argument against paying a quarterback more than $20 million per year, as the Giants are currently doing with Manning.

Think about the most memorable pitching duels from your lifetime of watching baseball. Conjure your favorite. What was it about that game that made it so indelible?

Chances are, that special memory did not involve a manager Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK walking to the mound in the middle of the sixth inning and taking the ball from his starter. Or the seventh, or probably even the eighth. The ninth? Maybe. It’s the best we can hope for at this point in baseball history.

Therein lies your answer when asking whether there will be Verlanders in the future. Such unicorns will spring to life because smart managers allow them to come into being. It’ll be a gradual process for each emergent ace, but it will happen. And given how unusual these future workhorse aces will be, they will only be that much more valuable to their teams, not to mention the marketplace.

These things will continue to evolve. The prevalence of flamethrowers filling bullpens we see now could dry up. Ten years ago, that aforementioned problem of too many incompetent pitchers getting innings was certainly in part a problem of supply and demand. Now there are more capable relievers. This could change Cheap College Jerseys again.

We’ll also see how things evolve in regard to the playoff structure. It used to be that teams would put all of their resources toward winning the pennant, because there was only one round to navigate after you’d won. Now, with ten teams getting in, often the top teams can project themselves into the October picture well in advance. Teams like the Dodgers and Cubs have taken this into account in recent years as they manage the workloads of their pitching staffs through the season.

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