Ravens upcoming star linebacker Zach Orr retires after neck injury

Ravens linebacker Zach Orr had a breakout season this year, but a neck injury has cut his career short.

I’m kind of forced to walk away from the game of football, Orr said Friday in front of reporters.

We got to help him out of defense, and stop somebody on the field, Norman said on Fox Sports. We did not help him out at all. I’ll be honest with you. We got to do our job.

This past season, Cousins passed for nearly 5,000 yards and 25 touchdowns, which Norman cited as proof that Cousins is a franchise quarterback as Whitlock argued he wasn’t.

He only had two seasons (to prove himself), Norman said. Cam Newton had five seasons.

Newton, who is Norman’s old teammate, was drafted by first overall by the Panthers in 2011 and has been their starting quarterback ever since. Newton took his game to the next level in 2015, earning the league’s MVP award.

With the chance to start for the Redskins for a third season, Norman is hoping the free agent Cousins will stay and do the same.

I watched a lot of their tape this year. Maybe it’s nothing spectacular but Cheap Jerseys Baseball (Patriots quarterback) Tom Brady is throwing completion after completion, a screen here and Cheap Jerseys Coupon Code maybe a down-the-field shot there. At end of the day, you look at the scoreboard and it’s 35-13. They just won the game and you say, ‘How did they do that again?’

It’s their formula and they do the best job of it. That’s why they are who they are.

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