Odell’s ripped cousin Terron Beckham responds to steroid accusations

During a workout he did for NFL teams last month, the running back benched 225-pounds a total of 36 times, then ran the 40-yard dash in 4.47 seconds, and also posted a 44.5-inch vertical leap. The vertical jump and the bench press would’ve been the top numbers of ANY player at the combine if he had attended the event in Indianapolis.

If Terron’s workout skills translate to the football field, then he might have a shot of making the Jets’ roster.

Were you surprised when, with the No. 51 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the New York Jetsselected former Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg? If you’re a Jets fan, chances are you were very surprised (and not very happy). Don’t worry, though. You’re not alone.

Jets wideout Eric Decker was not exactly expecting that selection each other.

“I was a little surprised, to be honest,” Decker said, per the New York Daily News. “To get a quarterback in the second round, that’s a big decision. You’re saying a lot about him.

So, this is the first time Bob Quinn and the Patriots have conducted official NFL business. Quinn, hired as the Lions general manager in January, previously served as the Patriots’ director of pro scouting.

In September — when Quinn worked in the Patriots’ front office — the Patriots acquired Bostic from the Bears. Here’s how I summed up Bostic’s disappointing, brief career at the time:

At least one owner already seems to be sold on Vegas. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called the city a “crown jewel” on Thursday.

“It has a flair for entertainment, and it has two million people, and they’re avid sports fans, the full-time residents,” Jones said, via ESPN.com. “They have a huge visiting contingent that more often than not are fans of some NFL football teams.

As for Blank, he’s not saying he wouldn’t vote for a possible Raiders move to Vegas. He’s just saying that he’d like some more information before he potentially has to cast a vote.

As it turns out, the Raiders might have a bigger obstacle to deal with: Owner Mark Davis is going to have to convince the NFL’s other 31 owners that Vegas is a viable market.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank hasn’t seen any data that suggests it is (or isn’t), and it sounds like Blank would like so see a few studies done before the league’s owners approve any possible relocation for the Raiders.

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