NFL Draft: Every team’s worst pick in the last 5 years

Every team makes mistakes in the draft, and this year’s draft will be no different. Sometimes players don’t pan out because of injuries, sometimes teams just make mistakes in their evaluation process, and sometimes the transition to the NFL is too hard for a rookie.

Every team gets it right sometimes, too. But when a team misses on a draft pick, no matter the reason for a player not living up to potential, teams can take comfort in knowing it happens to everyone at some point. It’s happened to some teams — like the Browns — on a regular basis.

Some of these players have washed out of the league entirely, and some are clinging to a chance that they’ll be able to shed the bust label.

Here’s a look at the worst draft pick for every team over the past five years.

Considered by some as the quarterback of the defense, the linebacker position will require Reeves-Maybin to utilize everything he learned both on and off the field to develop as a leader in the NFL. He’s used to that kind of responsibility with the Volunteers, and thinks his injury will help him in the long run.

While sitting out, Reeves-Maybin was able to see the game from a coach’s perspective, which turned out to be an eye-opening experience.

In addition, Mahomes’ devil-may-care style, while fun, could be disastrous at the next level. There’s a fine line between fearlessness and recklessness in the NFL, and Mahomes has to avoid dancing over that line. One of his biggest obstacles will be learning to be patient enough and let plays develop, rather than bailing the pocket and trying to make something happen by himself. He committed six fumbles last year and needs to do a better job taking care of the ball.

There’s a lot of upside to Mahomes, but he also carries plenty of risk. The Cheap Jerseys With Numbers Chiefs Cheap Jerseys Supply would be wise not to rush his development.

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