McDaniels told Peter King that the Falcons played more man coverage than they had in the past

It’s the decision and debate that won’t go away, now or anytime soon. What is Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins worth? That’s the current debate. Certainly, after he signs, the question will be “Is Cousins really worth that?” But his leverage will lead to him getting paid quite a bit of money — yes, possibly more than a guy drafted No. 1 overall in the same 2012 class.

@john_keim any chance they pay Cousins Andrew Luck $$? They should, given that Carr will probably surpass that this summer.

John Keim: Yes, there’s a good chance he will get paid more than Andrew Luck, especially if the Redskins are intent on signing Cousins long term.

McDaniels told Peter King that the Falcons played more man coverage than they had in the past, which was something the Patriots had to adjust to.

“They were trying to take away the easy completions, and in large part, they did a little bit of that in the first half,” McDaniels said. “Then we worked through some different things and tried a few different concepts, and our guys got open and caught the ball better.”

Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady adjusted their approach after the Falcons showed more man coverage than the Patriots expected in the first half. Mark J.

McDaniels also touched on how the Patriots had talked about how the Falcons’ defense had been on the field so much.

“We had played 20 minutes in the first half on offense. We were in the 40s on the play count. We knew there was a chance, in a Super Bowl, that one team can get gassed and maybe lose a little steam as the game goes on if they’re out there long enough,” he said.

Then, “once it got to 28-12, even though we had to settle for a field goal on that drive, we said, ‘Look, we’ve got to put together two championship drives.’”

And when it was pointed out that Brady is 39 years old, McDaniels laughed.

“It doesn’t look like we’re going to slow down,” he said.

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