Luck’s clearly in line with McMahon.

Oliver Luck, new CEO of the XFL, in an interview with me just now: We respect individual freedoms. But we will require our players to Wholesale Jerseys All stand for the national anthem.

McMahon said he wouldn’t be too involved in the day-to-day like he was during the XFL’s first go-around. Hiring an established sports executive to legitimize a sports league from the start isn’t new. The Big3 basketball league hired former Oakland Raiders exec Amy Trask to be its CEO back in 2017. The AAF — another spring league — has former NFL general manager Bill Polian and former safety Troy Polamalu overseeing it.

One does not simply name a horse Gronkowski and give it the number 69 without the king traveling to witness it.

Nothing like hot dogs before a horse race. That’s what I always say.

One has to wonder whether Gronkowski unexpectedly finishing second in a huge race will increase his price to stud. Look, you might not think about this stuff — but I know football Gronk would want to know.

We also can’t say for certain how the acrimonious relationship between Palmer and the team would have gone, had they had that one playoff Super Cheap Jerseys China win. Maybe tensions would have a bit eased, but we can’t know for sure.

You can’t predict injuries, but some of Palmers’ seem to be of the freak nature. Given his immense, raw talent, it’s difficult to believe that the team wouldn’t have won at least one postseason game with a healthy (both physically and mentally) Palmer.

Heck, Dalton might not even be in the picture, if so. Quite the rabbit hole we are going down here, eh?

In both playing and coaching for years, I’ve learned that there is most definitely a mental aspect to various sports. Unfortunately, it’s a facet that is both obvious in Palmer’s NFL career and what has happened to the Bengals on the biggest stages.

This week, SB Nation is putting together a hypothetical asking each NFL site to pose their biggest what if in recent memory. Every team has that event that impacted the team in some way, leaving fans to wonder what would have happened if it had gone the other way.

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