Just don’t question the value of a player making their decision on the future.

The “to play or not to play in a bowl game” ties into that. Butt took his stance by playing, and there are a lot of players just like him. Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott and Joey Bosa didn’t hurt their NFL Draft stock by playing in the same Fiesta Bowl that Smith was injured in the previous season. Yet there will be more star players such as Fournette and McCaffrey who opt to sit out of bowl games next season.

For those hellbent on putting Butt in the middle of both arguments, he’s got the right answer for both. Yes, studentathletes deserve more compensation from the NCAA and there’s a lot of room for reform in that area. But those same athletes should want to play in bowl games, and that’s why they were given a scholarship in the first place. You can question the values of both sides, but Butt’s views strike all the right points. You can question either side.

Just don’t question the value of a player making their decision on the future.

Butt proved he can do that on his own, and he’s willing to live with it. Chances are that ultimately will lead to a successful NFL career.

Among quarterbacks in the 2017 draft class, Watson has the best win-now profile as the biggest, most experienced passer; another part of his profile that falls in line with that of Luck and Cheap Game Jerseys Mariota.

Watson will make some mistakes, as young Luck and Mariota have done (and Bortles can’t stop doing). But Watson can make up for it with the heady, big plays Savage is not capable of providing.

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