John Gorman sentenced to five years for Giants seat license scam

A New Jersey man has been sentenced to five years behind bars for defrauding more than a dozen people out of $116,550 in a New York Giants seat license scam.

John Gorman admitted in May that he conned 16 victims into believing he had more than two dozen personal seat licenses at MetLife Stadium available for sale. Monmouth County prosecutors say the 49-year-old Matawan man was sentenced Friday.

Gorman shares a name with the NFL team’s director of ticketing. Prosecutors say he let many victims believe he was the team official to make his scheme appear more legitimate.

Gorman was paid in full, but his victims never got their purchased seats. The scam began after the Giants’ 2008 Super Bowl win and continued for several seasons.

This is a nasty route from Edelman — release up the field, stem outside, work to the post and then break on the out. That’s tough on any defensive back playing from an off-man position. And it shows here when you see the separation Edelman generates (yellow circle). But Garoppolo throws this ball high and late, which allows the defensive back — who got completely turned around by the route — to round his break and still close in on the throw. Edelman has to wait on the throw and the defender breaks up this play.

Again, as we discussed before, the negatives are few and far between with Garoppolo’s tape. But this could have resulted in an interception if the defensive back played with better technique at the break.

Thibodeau has been working with general manager Scott Layden to look at the possibilities out there for them, but Zach LaVine’s left knee injury has thrown a wrench into the team’s immediate plans. Complicating any playoff push was the deal made by New Orleans, which is two spots ahead of the Wolves in the West, to acquire DeMarcus Cousins to pair with Anthony Davis.235041147541444971-C201-1

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