J.J. Wilcox isn’t the answer at strong safety for the Buccaneers

Bad omens like a second-round defeat to the Raptors. Cleveland beat Toronto 4-2 in last year’s playoffs, and won the three games that mattered this season. Cleveland has LeBron James and a star-studded roster. Cleveland deserves the benefit of the doubt.

But the Cavaliers have been playing with fire for the past two months, and it’s going to burn them. Playing uninspired, lackadaisical basketball during the regular season still gets you enough wins for a good seed if you have this talent. In the playoffs, playing like that gets you beat. At the Miami Heat Cheap Jerseys risk of letting recency bias defeat me, over the past two weeks I have become convinced the Cavaliers aren’t returning to the Finals. If something was going to really change, it would have by now.

J.J. Wilcox isn’t the answer at strong safety for the Buccaneers, but the 6’4, 224-pound Melifonwu certainly could be. The hope for any team drafting the UConn product will be that its getting Kam Chancellor 2.0, and that would be a welcomed sight in Tampa Bay.

The Broncos could use offensive line help, but that can be patched with the remaining free agents on the market. McCaffrey presents a different kind of impact that can’t be found elsewhere. His electric, big-play potential will help the team’s young quarterbacks develop.

Had it have been passed, coaches could still go to these camps in the summer, but compensation is a nice boost for coaches in states where high school football coaches aren’t paid that much. It would, in theory, limit the amount of coaches who could attend these camps and that limits the players who attend them. Coaches often are able to give their players a lift to these camps in lieu of parents who have to work their regular jobs. Sometimes coaches take players by the busload. And many times the money Minnesota Vikings Cheap Jerseys to pay for meals on these trips comes from the high school coach.

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