I think Kyle’s comments were a little misconstrued and misrepresented

So, congrats to Mr. Riveron, and good luck. He comes with credentials Blandino lacked, and thus were often used against him when a situation went sideways: Riveron was a longtime on-field official, and Blandino was not. How much that helps his credibility when he’s in front of the camera or on Cheap NBA Jerseys the record remains to be seen. Nobody is deluded about how full of land mines that job is — not anymore.

In that vein, additional good luck wishes to Russell Yurk, who moves into a new position overseeing replay, and Wayne Mackie, now in charge of evaluation and development.

The spotlight will be harsh for all of them. Those were among the many questions and demands Blandino had to field: Do these guys ever get held accountable for their mistakes? Are they really seeing what the rest of the viewing public is seeing? Are you sure they actually know the rules they’re enforcing?

In that sense, restructuring the hierarchy seems overdue. The attention on this isn’t going to decrease. That genie is out of the bottle.

Speculation about Foster needing a second procedure began last week when first-year 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said it was a “worst-case scenario.” Foster’s health already was a concern among some NFL teams. As a result, one of college football’s best defenders slid from a projected high pick to No. 31 overall.

“I think Kyle’s comments were a little misconstrued and misrepresented,” Lynch said. “What Kyle spoke to was, look, any player that has surgery, there’s always a risk of having to go back in there and do something else. Our doctors and medical team — and I applaud them for it — they never blinked or deviated from their initial stance. They went back and rechecked it over and over.

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