I learned in St. Louis with the Rams that you have to have people working in concert

That’s what Michigan-vintage exceptionalism looks like: being angry about stuff for no real good reason. Underdogs don’t hug their neighbors if they want to win. They throw elbows, and kick shins, and rub dirt in faces. And it has worked really well for the city before.

No, things like Suh’s step on Aaron Rodgers’ ankle shouldn’t be condoned by anyone. The Lions should do something to distance themselves from the last two decades, however. Solidarity is fine and good, but as players were so quick to point out before playing the Packers at Lambeau Field last season, they aren’t the same as the teams that established an ignoble tradition of losing.

These Lions aren’t bound by the past, they’re too damn good in their own right. And they should be rightfully upset that anyone suggests they have anything to do with their predecessors.

He did, moving on to the University of Pennsylvania as a basketball player, then transferring to Grand Canyon University to become a 20-point-per-game scorer and academic All-American. On to law school at Notre Dame and then to Arizona State for his MBA. On to opening his own sports law firm before spending time as a front office legal executive with the Rams and the Detroit Lions. On to an international law firm before joining the Vikings.

“I’ve learned in football, I learned in St. Louis with the Rams that you have to have people working in concert, through differences, to have a chance to be champions,” he said. “We had such great coaches and great players and wonderful symmetry there — and still won the championship by only 1 yard [in Super Bowl XXXIV]. Everyone has a price to pay. Everyone gets the same ring.

“I am humbly part of a team here and our job is to deliver a championship to the Wilf family and to the great fans here in Minnesota. This beautiful stadium that we are building that opens next year deserves a Lombardi Trophy in the lobby. Every day that is my focus, to help get us one step closer. All differences are overcome when you get that. It binds you together for eternity.”

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