Giancarlo Stanton wasn’t happy after the Marlins lost to rival Phillies … again

A bad team is the Philadelphia Phillies. They are 32-61, won’t even sniff the playoffs, and have basically no hope for this season at all.

A team that just dropped two of three games to the Phillies, noted bad team, is the Marlins, who not only lost a series against their division foes but lost the final game by a score of 10-3. They now sit at 42-51 and are in fourth place in the NL East. Not great, Bob.

At first, it looked as if Martinez may have just gone back to the bench after striking out, as he was trying to check his swing when he got hit and would have been out regardless. However, it was clear shortly after that he was in pain and would not be coming back.

Suffice to say, this is not the development that Arizona fans (or their front office) were looking for in the first game for their hyped new hitter. Before the trade, Martinez was hitting .305 for the Tigers with 16 home runs.

The Diamondbacks confirmed he has a left hand contusion, and that X-rays are negative for anything worse. He is currently day-to-day, so the Diamondbacks and Cheap Real Jerseys their supporters can rest easier knowing that nothing more serious was broken and his absence should be a short one.

The man has a point. And really, it’s one the Mets can Cheap Quality Jerseys use for their weekend: The Dodgers are the closest thing MLB has to a fire-breathing dragon right now, and they annihilated the Mets with just as much ease all weekend long by outscoring them 21-4 in three games.

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