Cowboys rookie QB finally explains his tweets that bashed Tony Romo

“I’m going to let him bring it up. I think it’s funny,” Prescott said. “I’m sure he’ll think it’s funny.”

If Romo really wants to make things awkward, he’ll welcome every draft pick to Dallas except for Prescott.

Welcome to Dallas Ezekiel. Nothing better than your draft day! Or in my case, nothing better than teams fighting for you after it’s over :)

— Tony Romo (@tonyromo) April 29, 2016
Looks like Romo’s off to a good start.

Carson Wentz and Sam Bradford officially became teammates on April 28, when theEagles selected Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Two weeks later, Wentz and Bradford still haven’t talked: The rookie hasn’t reached out to Bradford, and Bradford hasn’t reached out to the rookie.

Theoretically, they’re going to have to talk at some point. When that happens, Wentz says it’s not going to be awkward.

NFL teams, if you’re listening, Freeney is willing to play for pretty much anyone.

“Arizona would be a great team, but if it doesn’t work out here, it could be anywhere,” Freeney told ESPN, via the Cardinals’ official website.

Well, not exactly anywhere.

Freeney did make one exception to his “anywhere” rule: He won’t be signing with a losing team.

“It has to be a winning team,” Freeney said. “I’m used to winning.”

The incentives and guaranteed money will be interesting to see: obviously Arizona wants him on the team but given his history the team could opt to make him earn certain parts of the deal.

On the other hand, the Cards haven’t shied away from making players the highest-paid guy at their position before — Arizona handed cornerback Patrick Peterson a five-year, $70 million deal with $40 million guaranteed two offseasons ago.

The Rams owner & the comparison between Kurt Warner and Jared Goff

The Los Angeles Rams are beginning a new chapter in their history when the 2016 NFL season kicks off and they’ll have a new face of the franchise, rookie quarterback Jared Goff, taking over under center.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke is pleased by this development, mostly because he sees a lot of Kurt Warner in Goff. And if anyone knows quarterbacks, it’s Stan Kroenke?

Sure, why not.

The winners and the wealthy get the advantage of writing history and Kroenke, a very rich human being, claimed to have spotted a bit of “it factor” in Warner as detailed in a lengthy interview with USA Today.

Kroenke claims “Dick Vermeil asked me my opinion on who the third quarterback should be” back in the summer of 1998, when the Rams were just starting to get The Greatest Show on Turf rolling.

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