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Quarterback Sam Bradford will miss the remainder of the 2013 season for the St. Louis Rams after suffering a torn ACL in Week 7, leaving the team with only Kellen Clemens on the roster.

Time of Death: With 19 seconds left in the third quarter, the Cheap Steelers Jerseys Panthers capped off a 73-yard touchdown drive to go up by 15 points.

Cause of Death: The Rams, who only managed 63 yards on 21 carries, remain the only team in the league without a rushing touchdown. Their only 100 yard rushing game came against Jacksonville. They are the least effective team at moving the chains on 3rd down with the run, with an abysmal 20 percent conversion rate.

Time of Death: You’d think it would be the Buffalo field goal that gave the Bills the lead with less than a minute to play, but Miami ran the kickoff back to its own 44-yard line. Death didn’t truly come for the Dolphins until they threw four straight incompletions to blow any chance at a game-winning kick of their own.

Cause of Death: Passing on third down is inevitable and often difficult, but Miami might consider just punting or kneeling or spiking or anything else, because passing on third down in Cheap Softball Jerseys this game yielded this: 11 attempts, four completions (two of which went for negative yardage), one touchdown, two interceptions.

Time of Death: Whenever someone convinced the league to pass Rule 9-1-3, knowing full well that it would screw over the Patriots and deny them the greatness they deserve.

Cause of Death: In his last three seasons, Tom Brady has finished the year ranked 8th, 2nd, and 5th in yards per passing attempt. Brady only averaged five yards an attempt against the Jets and now sits 30th on this year’s list, ahead of only three quarterbacks: Brandon Weeden, Mike Glennon, and Josh Freeman. Tom Brady: Better Than Anyone Schiano Has Or Had.

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