Chances are they’ll all be moot by the end of next month.

It’s all the most stark example of not knowing what to make of all these weeks of no-pad, almost-no-contact workouts. This player looked great, that player looked awful, that other player was at every session, this one over here never showed up at all. And a bunch of them showed up with various levels of aches and pains, or exited with them.

Chances are they’ll all be moot by the end of next month.

Unless they aren’t … and you’re the Cleveland Browns … and that’s your prized rookie who limped off and who no one wants to say much about yet.

Nearly perfect. A few sessions with Wakefield, and he’d get that wrist straightened out exactly as it needs to be and that pitch contorting like it should. Tebow would get those Cheap Jerseys In Toronto sessions, too: Knuckleballers are a tight knit bunch, and each new generation of knucklers learns from the previous one to keep the dying art alive.

Why the knuckleball, though? Tebow wouldn’t make it with any regular old conversion to pitching. He doesn’t have the arm strength for that — it’s why scouts said he should play left field instead of right field, given left relies less on hard, accurate throws. Knucklers, though, don’t need to throw 100. They don’t need to throw 90. Hell, they don’t even need to throw 80. So long as his fastball is harder Cheap Jerseys MLB than his knuckleball and he can consistently throw it accurately, this would work.

Well at least it was thrown hard…

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