Brett Hundley’s first NFL start is a dud as Packers fall to Saints

Brett Hundley’s first NFL start could not have begun much better.

“You want a guy who is reliable. It’s really important at that position you have a guy you can trust and count on. You want that throughout your whole team at every position but that’s a very valuable position,” Garrett said on Monday. “You’re going to put the fortunes of your team in that guy’s hands, or on his foot, and you want a guy you can trust and rely on. Experience matters, but you don’t want to make it all about that. You want to choose the best guy. But reliability and how much you can trust them is certainly a big factor.”

Raiders left tackle Donald Penn said Lynch was just looking out for his family.

“Marshawn was just trying to get his cousin and make sure his cousin was safe, because Marshawn saw three big O-linemen going after his cousin, and Marshawn knows how we get down as offensive linemen,” Penn told ESPN on Friday. “And he knows how his cousin gets down, so I think he was just trying to stop something from getting bigger than it was.

Lynch will be permitted to rejoin the Raiders Oct. 30 if the ban is upheld.

“People are entitled to their position and what they believe in, no matter what happened. So at the end of the day, there’s going to be people who believe me and people who don’t believe me, and my ultimate goal is not to make everybody believe me or make everybody happy, it’s just about me being able to sleep at night and continuously speak upon what happened to me personally.”

Bennett said he hasn’t seen the video: “I was there, so I don’t need to see the video.”

Things went downhill from there on Sunday as the Packers offense NBA Jerseys For Sale was inconsistent in a 26-17 loss to the Saints at Lambeau Field.

Hundley, who did run for a touchdown, had trouble completing critical NFL 21 Cheap Jerseys passes to keep drives alive. He finished 12 of 25 for only 87 yards with an interception and zero passing touchdowns as the Packers defense suffered.

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