Why are Lonzo Ball’s sneakers so expensive?

Lonzo Ball unveiled his ZO2: Prime sneakers on Thursday, and while it features a New York Yankees Cheap Jerseys snakeskin Matte black design and a smooth gold finish, the shoe comes in at a $495 pre-order price tag. Sizes 14 and 15 come in at $695, and the ZO2: Wet rings up at $995, with a $1,195 price tag for bigger sizes.

LaVar Ball also has a prototype for Lonzo’s first shoe, one he says he’s been working on for “a long time.” He also valued the ability to launch with his son’s shoe right away instead of falling prey to another company’s timetable.

“We’re not going to sign with a company and then wait around for five or six years for shoe like Paul George had to wait for with Nike,” Ball said.

Lonzo Ball became a household name with UCLA this season, leading the Bruins to a Sweet 16 appearance against the Kentucky Wildcats. He averaged 14.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 7.6 assists per game, shooting the three-pointer at a 41.2 percent clip. He declared for the NBA draft and is expected to go No. 1 or No. 2 overall alongside Washington product Markelle Fultz.

All that disrespect in Game 2 comes after James pretended to drink a beer in Game 1. He was so relaxed about the outcome of the first game that he had time to entertain J.R. Smith. He’s showing the Raptors the same level of respect that the proverbial lion shows to the sheep. He’s only entertaining the Raptors as a metaphorical idea, rather than a real obstacle in his way.

And “hockey men” and their mentality are everything that is wrong with the NHL – a dying breed of rotting infection within the game that refuses to be killed off because of journalists like Spector refusing to let them take their place in history.

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