Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham have become fast friends

Saquon Barkley became friends with Odell Beckham before the Giants made the Penn State running back the No. 2 overall pick. Now, they’re teammates and hoping to became the next great running back/receiver tandem in the NFL.

“We talked the Giants drafting me into existence,” Barkley told Matt Lombardo of NJ Advance Media. “When I used to hang out with Odell, I’d tell him, ‘I’m going to be a Giant; I want to be a Giant; I want to be a part Cheap Qld NBA Jerseys of that team.’

“. . . I do believe that we can have an impact on this league. But, when I say ‘we,’ it’s never just Odell and me. It’s not just the Saquon and Odell duo. It’s not the Saquon show. That wide receiving corps Cheap Quality Soccer Jerseys around Odell is extremely talented. You have a great quarterback. You have a great stable of running backs.”

He established a winning culture and a legacy that will never be forgotten, being the only coach to lead the Rams to five consecutive double-digit-win seasons, the Rams said in a statement. The memories and accomplishments that Coach Knox left behind will continue to inspire us and Rams fans. We hold his family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

The case that led to the Supreme Court striking down the federal ban on sports gambling had always shone a harsh light on the NFL’s contradictions involving betting. The light was harsher on it than on the other entities that joined to fight to protect the ban, the other major sports leagues and the NCAA.

The sheer size of the NFL, the activity it attracted and the money at stake with it made that understandable. But so did what many of the case’s supporters saw as its hypocrisyor, at least, its fairly-obvious conflicts.

The consensus appears to be that, eventually, the NFL will enrich itself from this in multiple ways while framing it all in ways that assure the game’s integrity won’t be any more threatened than it is now. The message being spread now is the NFL has been preparing for this for a while, since before the Supreme Court agreed to take the case.

It’s a necessary message in light of how long ago the NBA openly embraced the notion of sports bettinglooking once again like the more progressive operation compared to its far-larger, more-established counterpart.

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