Myles Garrett’s combine measurements are nearly identical to Jadeveon Clowney’sMyles Garrett

Myles Garrett won’t hit the field for workouts at the NFL Combine until Sunday, but he’s already drawing comparisons to the No. 1 pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, Jadeveon Clowney.

Garrett weighed in at the combine on Friday, and the numbers are strikingly similar to Clowney, if not slightly more impressive:

Comparing combine results is a natural part of the NFL draft process. A year ago, much was made about the numbers of Alabama running back Derrick Henry mirroring those of Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

But the comparison between Garrett and Clowney is much more significant. The Texas A&M pass rusher is the favorite to be the No. 1 pick, but there are doubts if he has the special qualities to be worth that selection.

Measuring in similarly to Clowney — a player who went No. 1 overall and has since developed into a star — and performing just as well in timing drills would be a good way for Garrett to make sure the Cleveland Browns are unable to pass on him with the top pick.

It’s just like blowing a 28-point lead to the Colts … the possibility was there until it wasn’t.

But here’s the thing, nobody’s winning that island. When the Thunder attempted to trap McCollum after denying a pick, he found Nurkic, who could have easily had his way with the undersized Alex Abrines. Instead, Nurkic made an immediate touch pass to Noah Vonleh.

“Do you know what your attempts to keep up with play look like? No? I’ll show you.”

Mourinho sprays himself all over with silver paint, climbs onto a box, and stands perfectly still, staring into space over Emre Can’s head. Can looks initially confused, then annoyed. Eventually he snaps and pushes Mourinho, and is shocked when Manchester United’s manager teeters, then falls to the floor, smashing into thousands of tiny shards. After a quick look around, Can runs out of the room.1

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