Bradley Chubb: I try to put Khalil Mack and Von Miller into one person

Few would argue that watching college football players play football gives you a better idea about their future as professionals than watching them run around a dome in Indianapolis Super Cheap Jerseys Fans during the offseason, but that hasn’t stopped poor performances at the Scouting Combine from sinking players in the past.

Defensive end Bradley Chubb has no such worries after taking the field in Indy on Sunday. Chubb didn’t post the highest numbers in every event, but he ran well, jumped well (4.65 40 and 36″ vertical leap) and generally didn’t do anything to suggest he won’t be the first defensive player off the board in April.

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Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield has already declared that if Website For Cheap Jerseys anyone can fix the Cleveland Browns, he’s the man for the task.

But the Browns have more than one first-rounder, and more than one guy who isn’t scared of a big job.

Regardless the history, Fitzpatrick appears the kind of guy with tremendous value for the team picking first and fourth in this year’s draft. He has the ability to play cornerback or safety, and Browns General Manager John Dorsey views that as a positive and not a negative.

No, because he’s a good football player, Dorsey said. Realistically with guys, when you take guys like that, let’s say you start him at corner then, if he can’t do it, you switch him back to the other position, that’s the way I’ve always been taught.

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